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The Eugene O’Neill Review has been publishing scholarship about Eugene O’Neill and his milieu since the 1980s, initially as an annual, now as a rigorously peer-reviewed biannual. The EOR (aka, sometimes, ENOR) is published by Pennsylvania State University Press, edited by Alexander Pettit of the University of North Texas, sponsored by the Eugene O'Neill Society, and indexed on JSTOR and Project Muse.

Most of our articles are written by specialists in theatre studies and dramatic literature, but we invite contributions from practitioners in any discipline that intersect with the life and work of O’Neill and his affiliates. Manuscripts on Susan Glaspell and other affiliates of the Provincetown Players are welcome if they demonstrate relevance to O’Neill. Diverse methods and perspectives are respected; clear, correct, and readable prose is expected (and celebrated). Submissions should be in the 6000‒10,000 word range, but exceptions can be made for shorter notes on highly focused topics and, occasionally, for longer but leanly written pieces. We are also interested in edited documents of unusual interest, previously published articles that might otherwise escape the attention of O’Neill scholars, and creative writing that illuminates some aspect of O’Neill’s work.

The EOR publishes reviews of books on O'Neill and the American drama of his period and reviews of productions of plays by (or about) O’Neill and his affiliates. Reviews are commissioned by the appropriate subeditors and will range in length from 800 to 1500 words. Interested parties should contact Zander Brietzke, Book Review Editor; or Ryder Thornton, Performance Review Editor. The EOR does not accept articles or reviews under consideration elsewhere.

Manuscripts of essays should follow the “Notes and Bibliography Style” as outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style, favoring endnotes per that style but adapted to exclude enumerative bibliographies. For journal-specific adaptations of and deviations from CMS, see the journal’s style sheet. Book and performance reviewers will be given a style sheet particular to the type of review they are writing. Potential contributors may benefit from examining previous and current issues on Project Muse or JSTOR. Previews are available gratis on JSTOR.

Essays and notes should be submitted electronically, to www.editorialmanager.com/eor. Submission of reviews should be coordinated with the review editors.

Contributors are encouraged but not required to become members of the Eugene O'Neill Society. Please visit the Society Membership page. Advantages include receipt of all issues of the EOR; new members enjoy two years of sharply discounted dues.

Queries to the editor are welcome and appreciated: EOReditor@gmail.com.

Alexander Petit, University of North Texas

Zander Brietzke, Columbia University

Ryder Thonston, Tulane University

Judith E. Barlow, University at Albany, SUNY, emerita
Steven F. Bloom, Lasell University
Patrick Chura, University of Akron
David Clare, University of Limerick
Robert M. Dowling, Central Connecticut State University
Kurt Eisen, Tennessee Tech University
Anne Fletcher, Southern Illinois University
Noelia Hernando-Real, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Eileen J. Herrmann, independent scholar
Katie N. Johnson, Miami University
William Davis King, UC Santa Barbara
Brenda Murphy, University of Connecticut, emerita
J. Chris Westgate, California State University, Fullerton
Beth Wynstra, Babson College
Shiyan Xu, Nanjing Normal University

Natalie Forster, University of North Texas

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